HAMMAMED - Raising awareness for the hammam as a cultural heritage for the Mediterranean area and beyond

The whole Mediterranean region shares a mutual object of cultural value - the hammam, the public Turkish bath. The aim of Hammamed is to raise awareness for the hammam as a common cultural heritage in the Mediterranean area and beyond.

Among the many valuable cultural heritage sites, the hammam has very specific features which reflect its importance and call for its promotion among the public: it is part of the collective memory in the Arab Islamic world and thereby contributes to the identity of the urban - and also village - culture; it is an architectural legacy and a living cultural heritage and as such it combines tangible and intangible heritage; it is well embedded in urban communities, filling an important role for neighborhoods and, in many cases, for the Medina as a whole, and yet it runs the risk of disappearing for many reasons.

The management of the neighborhood hammams often need support in order to face the challenges of a changing urban and societal environment, especially concerning hygiene and religious practices. This project therefore aims to put forward actions targeting urban dwellers, as users of this heritage, and authorities, as responsible agents for its management and safeguarding. Among the results, we expect social studies, a management concept, rehabilitation design on ecological basis, hammam and neighbourhood days in Mediterranean cities, an exhibition and a documentary film.

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